Law & Record Keeping

It is important to know that your stock is 100% legal and that you are not encouraging the illegal trade. All of our tortoises are captive bred by government approved breeders and have import cites permits or Art 10 Sales Certificates, issued by Animal Health's Wildlife Licensing and Registration Services at DEFRA.

As a trader it's very important to understand the basics of CITES, the most important issue is to be aware that you must change Transaction Art 10 Sales certificates into your own name for all Annex A species under 100mm, before you offer them for sale. Otherwise you could be committing an offence. Specimens over 100mm should be micro chipped and have a Specimen Specific Certificate which can be passed on without having to change it into your name. Annex A species will require one of two Art 10 Certificates, All Annex A species under 100mm have to be sold with a Transaction Certificate.
This certificate is only valid for one transaction from your supplier to you, this must have their name in box one. It is law that you must make an application to Animal Health to change the certificate into your name before you can offer it for sale. The fee for an application to change an Art 10 Certificate into your name is currently €25 per application. An application can consist of multi applications for certificates, for example; an application can be for as many certificates as purchased specimens, providing they are of the same species, same age and from the same source. The first 6 numbers in the code found at the top right hand side of the Art 10 certificates should be the same to indicate they have all come from the same batch. If when you are purchasing Annex A species, the certificate numbers are not all the same, you may have to unnecessarily pay twice, so this should be checked.

It is also important to know that you are not entitled to sell or offer for sale any specimen until you have had the new certificate/s issued in your name. You should also keep photo copies of the application/s for certificate/s in case of inspection whilst your application is being dealt with. The second type of Certificate you may come across is a Specimen specific certificate which means the specimen has been fitted with a microchip and can be identified as an individual, these certificates do not have to be changed and you can sell the specimen with the same certificate.

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